About liz_caringola

Liz Caringola is the Historic Maryland Newspapers Librarian at the University of Maryland Libraries. Prior to her current position, she managed digitization projects for the Department of Anthropology at Kenyon College and was a technician with the NARA/Ancestry digitization partnership at the National Archives in College Park, MD.

2 comments on “The effectiveness of OCR on historic newspapers

  1. Really great post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Liz. This is a question I was considering asking you, but you have addressed it well here. I hope that MdHS’s digitized copies will have better OCR results. I thought of their project to scan from originals when you said: “it’s always ideal to scan the original source materials.” I hope that you are working with them to encourage their digitization to continue. You make a good argument that it is worth it (even if many of their papers cover the same issue dates as the microfilm collection). I have no idea at this point when they might put their digitized images online, but hopefully we will have another anouncemnt from them soon.

    I’m already able to find things by searching page-by-page in Der Deutsche Correspondent, that do not appear in OCR searches. So I know that it is not as good as we want it to be.

    Best Regards


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