Stew of the month: October 2015

Welcome to a new issue of Stew of the Month, a monthly blog from Digital Systems and Stewardship (DSS) at the University of Maryland Libraries. This blog provides news and updates from the DSS Division. We welcome comments, feedback and ideas for improving our products and services.

Digitization Activities

Historic Maryland Newspapers Project

Liz Caringola, Robin Pike, and Doug McElrath (SCUA) are writing a grant application to extend NDNP funding for the project through August 2018. The application is due to NEH by mid-January 2016 and a decision should be reached by the end of July.

Other Digitization Activities

Robin Pike worked on the estimates for the FY16 vendor digitization contracts, to digitize the projects funded by the Digitization Initiatives Committee (DIC) project proposal process to include:

  • Approximately 53,000 pages and 460 volumes through the Internet Archive
  • Over 350 volumes of other book digitization
  • Approximately 350 oversize flat maps and posters
  • Approximately 21,000 pages from The Diamondback newspaper (from microfilm and print)
  • Approximately 9,000 photos from The Diamondback photo morgue
  • Diaries and correspondence from three archival collections
  • Over 2,000 audio reels from the School of Music archives and the WAMU radio archives
  • Over 70 U-Matic tapes of interviews with music experts from the Bryer collection
  • 42 deteriorating films

Robin Pike also presented at the Library Assembly meeting on behalf of the DIC to open the project proposal process for FY17 projects.

Digital  Programs and Initiatives

Theses and dissertations from the 2015 summer semester, totaling 261, have been deposited in DRUM bringing the total number of ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations) in the repository to 10,750.  Percentage of embargo requests climbed to 54% for the summer semester; an all-time high since we started tracking requests in 2006.

Terry Owen was invited to speak as part of Catholic University Library’s program on institutional repositories for International Open Access Week, 19-25 October.

Conferences, workshops and professional development

Liz Caringola attended the Fall 2015 MARAC meeting in Roanoke, VA, October 8-10. Liz was co-chair of the conference program committee, which also included several colleagues from SCUA. Many others from SCUA, SCPA, and MITH participated in the conference as workshop instructors, session moderators, and speakers. Former DCMA/DPI GA Alice Prael presented at a student session with current SCUA GA Amy Wickner.


On October 22, Robin Pike and Eric Cartier guest-lectured and provided a tour of the Hornbake Digitization Center for LBSC 784Q, Digital Preservation, regarding digitization and digital preservation activities at the UMD Libraries.

Liz Caringola was a guest speaker in LBSC731: Special Collections on October 26 and spoke about digitization and project management in Special Collections.