Born-Digital Working Group

UMD Libraries Join BitCurator Consortium as Charter Member

The University of Maryland Libraries are in the midst of working on policies, procedures, and workflows for managing born-digital content.  3 1/2″ and 5 1/4″ floppy disks, along with Zip disks, CD-ROMs, and DVDs already live within the archival and manuscript collections within Special Collections and University Archives.  The challenges involved in preserving these media […]

Unstuck in the Mud: Concrete Tasks for Forward Motion

Last time, we talked about the first steps we were taking to identify the workflows and procedures that need to be teased out and codified as official policies for Special Collections born-digital materials. Over the last month our group has been revising existing policies and drafting new ones where necessary. Given the title of the […]

Born-Digital Working Group: Configuring FRED

Submitted by: Eric Cartier, April 5, 2013 In mid-March, the Tools subgroup met FRED, our Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device. The subject lines we’ve shared since then (e.g., “tinkering with FRED today”) reflect the approach we’re taking:  careful, playful, open-minded. We marveled at all the ports, laid out and photographed the various cables and adapters […]

Born-Digital Working Group: Policies and Procedures for Collecting Born-Digital Material

The Born-Digital Working Group, Policies and Procedures subgroup, has spent February examining the changes we will need to make to existing policies to accommodate born digital material. The goal of the subgroup over the course of the next few months is to: examine current Special Collections policies such as collection development policies, donor agreements, and […]

Alas, poor Metadata!

Submitted by: Jennie Levine Knies, February 8, 2013 The Born-Digital Working Group has already undergone a radical change since the last blog post.  Originally, the group members divided into four subgroups in order to tackle the different aspects of the born-digital workflow.  We are now three.  RIP Metadata subgroup. The original intent of the Metadata subgroup […]

The Born-Digital Working Group Divides and Conquers

Back in October, we introduced the MITH/UM Libraries Born Digital Working Group (BDWG) with a post about processing the Bill Bly Collection.  Since then we’ve firmed up our goals (“start collecting/working with diverse born digital materials in the libraries”  being a bit nebulous and… huge) and divided ourselves into sub-groups to conquer them. Goals and groups […]

We Descended: Processing the Bill Bly Collection with the UMD Born-Digital Working Group

In early September of 2012 the University of Maryland Libraries and the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) joined forces to launch its Born-Digital Working Group. As a vehicle for leveraging some rapidly emerging institutional strengths in processing and maintaining born-digital collections, as well as conducting research around the challenges associated with those […]